Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally got the replacement parts shipped from Hong Kong today, after 1.5 weeks. Not too shabby.

Broke the rotor head on the day I bought it. Didn't know what was causing it to fly uncontrollably and shattered the body the next day. Bleah.

Nice looking chopper tho. Nine Eagles Chip.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bought some Old English sausages from Scotts Isetan supermarket on Sun. They were yummy.

Ellli copterzzz!!


I flew this thing of my 6th story apartment window today and it got stuck in a tree at about four stories high. Threw many shoes at it and thank god, I managed to set it free and it fell onto the ground.

Except for a slightly dented nose (I just nudged it back out), it flies exactly like before. Amazing.
Esky Hunter co-ax.

Extended rotor shaft, metal swash plate, Xtreme motors, metal shaft bearing housing, composite blade clips, extended servo arms, Xtreme blades, and a body that's falling apart.

Fly elli copterrrzzz!!

Annoy your wife.

Honey Bee v2.

Grounded for 2 weeks from stupid crash after only 2 days. Its not that bent rotor shaft (I changed it, didn't work), and not that bent tail boom (I also changed that, didn't work).

I think its the electronics, or that tail motor.

Many many more crashes to go, before I fly 3D.... eventually.
Nine eagles solo pro.

Micro sized, single rotor, Chinese.

Goes like an angry housefly, for a hundred bucks. Christmas tree not included.

Brand new yellow body and blades. Wings clipped by my impatient fingers. Awaiting spare parts. Bleah.
Elli copterrr..zzz!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Purchase of the day and Mask of the day

Was at Chinatown Point this evening. Stepped inside Body Shop and was promptly "chased away" by over-eager sales girl. I don't know who thought them the knowledge that by following you around the shop, you will buy their product. Seriously? Has it ever worked?

Anyway, ended up going to Watson and picked this up.

It's Tide To Go, Instant Stain Remover.

I saw its advertisement in a magazine a really long time ago. Interested to try one since I successfully stained every single one of my white blouse. Seriously. I can wear white, stay away from any coloured stuff, and still ended up with a mysterious stain.

Anyway, tried it out on my dress (yes, I've stained something during lunch) and it kinda worked. I didn't take a picture of the stain, but you should just take my word for it. It really worked for small stains.

Haven't been wearing any face mask for a while, so scrubbed my face with Angels on Bare Skin from Lush and slapped on some Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

I really should do a proper review on this mask. Been using it once or twice a week since May 2010. Did I feel significant difference on my skin? Not really. I guess it's also because my skin isn't exactly parched or really dry. I just wanted a moisturizing mask to balance out my scrubbing. Yes, I actually believe you should balance things out. If you've been exfoliating a lot, you should also moisturize. Also because I sleep in an air-conditioned room, so it's good to have the skin moisturized overnight once in a while.

Angels on Bare Skin kind of grew on me. Bought this in December 2008 when I was in Melbourne. Back then I wasn't really into beauty stuff, so I didn't really know what I was buying; only after I read some blogs in 2009 (yes, very very late) did I realized that this product is one of the "must-buy" from Lush.

The scrub is not bad (yes, I classify it as a scrub because it has lots of grainy stuff in it). It's rough but gentle at the same time. It didn't scratch my skin, yet my skin felt really soft after rinsing the scrub off. Will I repurchase? Depends. I didn't remember paying that much money for it(I would've remembered the pain of spending so much money for soap), but I wouldn't repurchase if the price had been increased. I didn't really like the smell though, it's too herbal-y for my liking.